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LeGacy is the sensational newest addition to the Rhythm-and-Blues movement. This phenomenal artists’ talent is not limited to singing but extends itself to the writing and production of his music: LeGacy’s music is a variation of modern sound that blends with the mixture of retro 90’s R&B and Soul creating his own sound.  From performing at High School Musicals and as the opening act for P. Diddy’s “Da Band” in Atlanta GA. He brings talent from the heart to the music industry; LeGacy has held his own concerts in Pittsburg PA and at his hometown of New York City. He has opened up for Mr. Cheeks of the “Lost Boys” in May 2006 in Morgantown, West Virginia and has recently opened up for legendary Hip-Hop artist KRS1 and DJ KOOL HERC at club Santos in downtown, Manhattan. He has performed at S.O.B.’S IN Manhattan where well known artist’ Kanye West, and Alicia Keys have made several guess appearances. To date LeGacy has worked alongside John Turk (VP of Red Alert Productions), Screechy Dan, DJ. Red Alert, Terry Felicia, Dandileggz, Nixon Huggins aka “Muscles” (CEO of Article One Productions and MTV Tempo), Terrence Mills (CEO of Cheap Thrills entertainment), Linkque formerly Princess Iysis from Big Daddy Kane’s Rap Group, Al Monday president of Article One Productions, Twin from G-Unit Records, Empire Entertainment, Dj Ralph McDaniels, Playgirl from Rap Fanatic Magazine and Rap Fanatic TV and POPPA DOC. He has performed on “Bless Me TV” hosted by Lord Bless, “Vid Kid Video” hosted by Vid Kid. His performances along with his music has landed him on several radio shows such as; The "Big King Boss and Sir Press" radio show, Triple 5 radio, and Long Islands longest running classic R&B show “Stan the Man” on WGBB 1240 AM which is hosted by the legendary "Stan the Man" Wilson. Recently he has also captured the attention of politicians and performed at Councilman Sanders Jr. Summer Jam in the Park in New York City where he opened for legends such as Ray Goodman and Black Ivory. He has written, produced and recorded over 39 original songs. We asked him why he took on the name LeGacy; his response was that "only legends make great music. So their legacy is continuing on through 'LeGacy'". The Capital "G" in the word LeGacy is a reference to God. This stands as a reminder of his upbringing in the Church. Get ready for this future superstar! LEGACY is something “Legendary in the Making".