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LOOKING TO PLAN AN EVENT - We have live musicians who play a variety of instruments, singers of all genre, and we can help you celebrate a key milestone in you or your family's life click here for more info. WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT - Our Integrity, we aren't looking for a quick buck, we believe in building a long lasting relationship that will have you feeling that you made the right choice, not that you have been taken for a ride. WHATS NEXT?  - A great experience and a life changing event. WE WANT TO WORK WITH YOU - If you are ready one of our staff members will contact you Just click here

WE UNDERSTAND - The frustrations of Artist' who want to make an impact without conforming to what society deems is popular. Our goal is to bring real substance back into the music industry to polish the artist as an individual, not just a talent. WHAT WE OFFER - Years of experience, not only do we have managerial experience but we consider ourselves artist as well. From the ability to not only record for you, our music and film production meets industry standard.

UNSCRIPTED ENTERTAINMENT - Premier leader of what is current in every aspect of vivid culture; which is comprised of fashion, music, and entertainment. Whether hosting a party, setting new fashion trends or exposing new genre of music to the world, UnScripted Entertainment has set the standard for exceeding expectations of not only the general public but also its competitors.

Not Just entertainment, Music, Fashion, Event Planning and Comedy! Those are some of the few things we do. In 2013 we had a vision to create not only better music but a better experience within the Entertainment Industry.


Not Just Entertainment